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28th March 2014 - Walton-on-the-Naze - & celebrating Radio Caroline's 50th birthday at the event organised by 'Captain Campbell' - a brilliant day ! We obviously took the opportunity to mark this significant day with some amateur radio transmissions from the Walton seafront using the special event callsign of GB5OR - 5 decades of Offshore Radio. Thanks to Pete M0PSX for arranging the special callsign, & thanks to Kristian 2E0SSX for the photos on this page.  

Acknowledgement : all above photos by Kristian - 2E0SSX.

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We also took the opportunity to have a chat with others enjoying the day, including Tony 'Captain Campbell', Chris & Jackie Dannatt of Pirate Memories, Paul Ewers of Brill 1449, & radio hams Pete M0PSX, Charlie M0PZT, & (me) Jim 2E0RMI - interview recordings below...


This is also an appropriate place for two programmes from Radio Caroline on the same day -  'Radio Caroline at 50 - Voices from the Sea, parts 1 & 2'. An excellent collection of recordings produced by Steve Silby to mark the 50th birthday of Radio Caroline. These are both 4 hour programmes.  

...and more from this time of 50 year celebrations - an interesting programme from Tony Blackburn interviewing Radio Caroline transmitter engineer George Saunders, on 4th July 2014.