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On this page - a small collection of photos relating to recent events we have been involved with or visited, giving an idea of the variety of places we get to transmit from - more places detailed on the other 'Events' pages.

sos6 r DSCN0795 r DSCN0799 r DSCN0792

A trip to Stow Maries Aerodrome & the Dengie Hundred Amateur Radio Society shack.

r SDC10638 r SDC11273 r SDC11437 r SDC11439 r SDC11448 r SDC11450

S.O.T.A. - Summits on the Air - with transmissions from the Moelwyn range in North Wales & Snowdon.

CARS  /  Essex Ham Skills Night & Sandford Mill Industrial Museum - regular events...

r ND4_6492 r s mill r 197 r - writtle r SDC12296

'Writtle Calling' - an experimental RSL broadcast in September 2012 from the grounds of Writtle College.

r writtle 2 r SDC12052 r SDC12057 r SDC12061

A visit to the North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group exhibition at Muckleburgh Military Museum.

r SDC10349 r SDC10585 r SDC11431

Interesting aerial observations... the Lleyn Peninsular  /  Tywyn  /  Shingle Street  /  a cold Mersea beach  /  South Foreland Lighthouse.

LV15 at Tollesbury, Essex, - Lighthouses On The Air weekend.

r SDC11922 r SDC12408 r SDC12430 r SDC11639 r SDC11656 r SDC11658 r SDC11663 r SDC11667 r DSCN0644 r SDC10589 r SDC10770

Mobile operation / stall at All Saints' Church Fete / & CQ100 contact during SOS Radio week.

- and finally on this page - the sort of place we'd like to transmit from...!