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Welcome to The Chelmsford Calling Network - promoting radio technology & celebrating our wireless heritage. We are in Chelmsford UK, credited as the 'birthplace of radio' & home to various innovative projects.


Our past & present radio ventures include :


    - programming for international short wave stations & local radio services...


      - operating RSL (short term) radio stations & a community radio service...


        - supporting & training amateur radio 'hams'...


          - advising interested groups on RSL / LPAM & community services...


We are currently involved with various radio projects & are happy to help with any radio related ventures. Our experience & passion for radio means we are well placed to assist & promote a wide variety of radio activities.


For more details of past, present & future projects, use the 'Sitemap' & 'Events' links in the header menu. Items are also listed under the radio headings of 'Broadcast' & 'Amateur'.  


Please feel free to get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you !

'Chelmsford Calling' & 'The Chelmsford Calling Network' (CCN) are owned & operated by James D Salmon.

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