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The Chelmsford Ideas Festival is a yearly event in & around Chelmsford to help celebrate & grow the culture, character & creativity of Chelmsford. A wide range of activities take place over a 2 week period & this year the varied theme included electronic innovations with origins in our Marconi & Hoffman heritage.  


Chelmsford Calling together with colleagues from Essex Ham were part of this year's calendar of events with 'The World of Amateur Radio' demonstrations on Friday 31st October & Sunday 2nd November 2014 from 10am to 4pm. Aimed at all age groups & all levels of experience, we  promoted the hobby by showing how to get started,  practical uses & applications, & looked at some of the more fun & zany aspects. The day comprised a variety of demonstrations & a good response was received from visitors.


The programme for this interesting & creative festival

is available to view online here...


There were many varied events including other radio & technology related talks & demonstrations.  


Below is a sample of some of the events over the 2 week festival period. We look forward to being involved with future similar events & thank you to everyone who visited & took an interest in our hobby !



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