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Details on this page of broadcast radio organisations & events we are associated with or wish to promote, with website links.  





A recent project for us - a 60 min. monthly short wave programme of information & music, with the aim of re-creating the fun & friendship of a short wave DX show.


SunnyJim's Trance Journey


Chelmsford Calling World Service Programme

We have collected various radio related recordings & documentaries over the years, & are always listening for interesting ones to add. This link takes you to our Audio Library stocked with a selection of broadcast radio items produced by others & by us.

Produced for both Chelmsford Community Radio & CCWS, a somewhat different style of programme ! Click below for a sample programme, with more available in the Audio Library.


Audio Library


The Wireless Years

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One of our radio projects, with a collection of audio & video items  particularly if you enjoy music from the 1930's - 1950's, together with a sample programme. (NB. If you like this particular era, have a look at our link on this page to 'Angel Radio').

BDXC - British DX Club

CC 2

Chelmsford Calling

An earlier project of ours &  an important part of our story ! An RSL FM station for 4 broadcasts from 2001 - 2004 & a short lived community radio station in 2006 / 2007, 'Chelmsford Calling' was almost unique in directing programmes towards the 60 - 100+ years age group.  


Brill 1449

Angel Radio

'Two Emma Toc' - 2MT

Radio Caroline

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We are proud to supply a link to Radio Caroline. Our connection is purely as listeners, & we have been influenced over the years by their determination & dedication. Still retaining their independence & free spirit, they now broadcast over the internet & also continue to restore their radioship, the Ross Revenge. Radio Caroline is now 50+ years old !  

A club for radio listeners, the British DX Club produces an excellent monthly magazine 'Communication' with short wave & DX news, UK & alternative radio news, together with related articles. An ideal way to keep up to date with the world of broadcast radio.  

'Radio for older people - by older people'. Set up by our friends Tony Smith & Martin Kirby as one of the first 'community' stations in 2002, Angel is a marvellous example of what community radio can achieve. Providing an entertaining & informative service dedicated to older listeners. You can listen via their website.

Originally operating as a regular RSL service, the local station for Brill now serves the Brill Sports & Social Club on 1449 AM. The station broadcasts 24/7 & is licenced to run an 'LPAM' (low power medium wave) service. Programmes can also be heard via their website.  

As amateur radio 'hams' & members of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society, we often transmit from the original hut premises of the first regular broadcast station 2MT. Now part of the Sandford Mill Industrial Museum, details of open days are listed on the 'CARS' website.

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Radio Emma Toc

A recent project - following on from our fascination with the 2MT 'long low hut' & the story of the UK's first regular broadcast station. We have been looking at the history of 2MT & how this relates to our interest in present day amateur radio experiments.    

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