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Details on this page of amateur radio ('radio ham') events & organisations we are associated with or wish to promote, with website links. If you're new to amateur radio, or been absent from the hobby for a while, why not first have a look at this short introductory video.


We have collected various amateur radio related recordings & documentaries over the years, & listen out for interesting additions. This link takes you to a selection ranging from 'Fishing in the Ether' to 'The Lincolnshire Poacher'...  


Audio Library

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Essex Ham


TX Factor

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To find out what's happening in Essex & for information on all aspects of amateur radio, from getting started, to licencing, to equipment advice, visit Essex Ham. A good way to explore the full diversity of our hobby.  

TX Factor produce high quality TV programmes available on YouTube exploring anything & everything to do with amateur radio. Rigs, news, satellites, data modes & more...    

Chelmsford is fortunate to have a successful award winning club - the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society. Regular meetings, training, & 'Skills Nights' make this an active & informative society.  

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We like to get out & about with our radios & aerials ! We transmit from lightships, windmills, mountain tops, lighthouses, beaches - & some fairly normal places as well ! Click below for further details.  



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Track the International Space Station - and - listen to their amateur radio signals on 145.825 MHz as you watch ISS pass overhead ! Another fascinating aspect to the hobby. More details on the Events page.  


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The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the UK national membership society for amateur radio enthusiasts, & provides a diverse range of services through dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Also produces 'RadCom' magazine & other amateur radio publications.

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If you are interested in radio amateur satellites, then this is an informative & helpful site which will keep you up to date with all the latest satellite news. Listening to or working satellites on FM, SSB or packet, the beginners guide will get you started.


C.A.R.S. have been producing an excellent monthly newsletter for many years, & we are pleased to provide links to recent issues which contain items of interest on amateur radio & associated topics. Highly recommended !

C.A.R.S. Newsletters

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